Be A Bombshell Giveaway

Want to win a box full of Be A Bombshell’s Spring Line? Keep reading to find out how.

Recently I got the chance to try out some Be A Bombshell cosmetics. They are a brand that emerged in 2011 after founder Tonya Thompson spent years in the Brand Management Industry. She decided to follow her passion and thus Be A Bombshell was born. They strive to bring you high end quality at reasonable prices.

I have tried a few things from Be A Bombshell before. I have gotten them in several subscription bags so I was already familiar with the brand.

In my opinion this brand is right on par with the quality that MAC delivers. The packaging is quite similar as is the size of the products. If you are looking for products that are easy on the budget but provide the quality of high end, try this brand!

How you you like to win a box of their spring line? follow the instructions below.



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Why I Stopped My Monthly Subscriptions and a Confession

Have you ever just felt truly overwhelmed by stuff like objects stuff? It happened to me when I went to pack my home to move in November.

Moving house is never easy but when you have boxes of stuff that you don’t use it becomes daunting. This is the reason why I stopped subscribing to subscription boxes. I was wasting money and paper on things that I was never going to use. Sad to admit but it’s the truth. The only subscription that I did keep was to Julep. I like their products and do use them on a regular basis. I can also skip the month which I have done the last few.

I have learned that I know what brands I like and what products I can’t live without. I need to stick to that.

Now time for the confession. I have taken a long break from blogging because it became something that I dreaded doing. I had writers block big time and was tired of trying to “make it big”. I need to try to stop fitting in with the big blog names and just be me. I think it may be time for a blog re-design and maybe just a change.

Have you given up something lately because it just wasn’t you? Tell me below.

Temptu Air Brush System

Achieve a flawless finish, versatile coverage, quick and simple application, as well as long-lasting wear with an airbrush foundation. Beauty companies like Temptu offer all of these benefits and much more to help you get ready, according to your preference, on your budget and within your schedule.

Whether you are heading off to a long day at the office, an afternoon lunch date or a night on the town, get the perfect radiant glow you strive for each day. You will note the professional results that you are suddenly able to create with one simple tool and only in a matter of minutes.

Featuring a patented technology, your airbrush makeup delivery system mimics the appearance of your skin, creating a beautiful and flawless glow and sheen. The airbrush actually notes the differences in pigments within your skin and makes corrections to give you an even complexion. Also sweat-resistant, you won’t need to rush for the bathroom sink before your evening workout at the gym, so you will save time and energy in the bathroom that you can use during your cardio session.

Experience makeup application that rivals that of professional makeup artists and trained cosmetologists at a fraction of the cost. Another benefit of this makeup technology is that, while you will experience full facial coverage, you won’t feel a thing. Your makeup will feel so light that you will forget that it’s even there, but everyone else will clearly see the results that only took you a matter of minutes to accomplish.

Review: Perlier Thermal Scrub

I received this sample courtesy of


I am always curious when it comes to body scrubs. There really all a ton of different products out there to choose from. Some are very expensive and others are easier on the wallet.

When I opened the box and brought out this beauty I was really intrigued. The packaging is frosted so it mutes the color a bit on first inspection but once you open the lid you’ll find an beautiful shade of Aqua.

The container comes sealed with a clear plastic sheet so that the product doesn’t dry out before you have a chance to try it out. Once you remove that you are going to smell the goodness that is inside. The scent is a clean scent with a strong floral aroma and some may be turned off by this but it isn’t a scent that lingers long on the skin.

The texture of the scrub is more of a gel consistency with granules of the volcanic stones that take on the shade of the liquid base. It’s not a harsh scrub so it feels gentle on the skin. For me, the gel texture has a bit of a cooling effects on my skin. It is a bit messy in the shower if you scoop up too much a one time but washes away clean without leaving a film on your skin.

Perlier is available on and is priced at $25.00 plus shipping and handling for 6.7 fl oz. If you are a first time customer to you can get 15% off by signing up for their newsletter.

Overall I think that this is a luxury treat that I will continue to use until it’s gone but will probably go back to my regular exfoliate scrub when it’s gone.


I did receive this from ifabbo but all opinions are mine and I am not being compensated in any other way aside from the press sample for my review.