About the Brand: Dermalogica

The market is flooded with skin care products but not with quality products. What sets Dermalogica apart from the others is its refusal to use low cost industry standard ingredients like artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, lanolin and mineral oil. Dermalogica is formulated from eco-friendly and safe ingredients and packaged in recyclable containers. Rather than focusing on pretty packaging, founder Jane Wurwand fixated her attention on the ingredients to produce a product line less geared to beauty and more to one that would improve skin health. She furthered her direction by insisting that education and training were the keys to promoting quality products. In 1986 a small classroom under the name “The International Dermal Institute” was opened in Marina del Rey, California. With 37 locations Jane’s idea has been a success. Dermalogica has many fine skin products to choose from that treat various skin conditions, such as acne, dry skin, fine lines and dark circles. Eye serums, multi-vitamin power firm for the lips and eyes and a skin smoothing cream are only three of the anti-aging products available. For acne, clearing mattifier, overnight clearing gel and sebum clearing masque are a few of the choices available. For whatever products you choose, you can relax knowing the composition of each is made from ingredients to stimulate skin health and no product as ever been cruelly tested on animals.



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  1. For years, Dermalogica’s formulas have pioneered new standards for product performance. Using only the finest ingredients available, all Dermalogica products are non-comedogenic and contain no occlusive mineral oil or lanolin, no irritating artificial colors or fragrance, and no drying S.D. alcohol. For best results, ask your skin therapist for a complimentary Face Mapping® consultation – a zone-by-zone analysis for the most targeted skin care and unsurpassed results!

  2. Dermalogica products reflect a modern synthesis of the latest scientific advances and time-honored ingredients and philosophies. Proud of their exceptional ingredients, Dermalogica was the first skin care company to list ingredients on professional-use products. The products immediately became as famous for what wasn’t included as what was.

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