Alessandro International Pedix Feet Heel Rescue Balm

I received a sample of this product in a Glossybox in October. Before this point I had been very loyal to my Julep The Best Pedi Creme Ever but things changed when Alessandro International Pedix Heel Rescue Balm entered my life.

I received a 1.01 Fl Oz bottle to try out on my poor neglected tootsies. Moisturizing my feet is probably one of the things that I like to do and do the least out of everything. I don’t like touching feet, even my own, at all. I actually dread pedicure time because of all the feet but I digress and go anyways.

The Heel Rescue balm comes in a small robin’s egg blue (Tiffany’s blue) squeezable tube with the brand logo and product name printed on the front. On the back you will find instructions in a few different languages and also all of the¬†ingredients¬†listed.


The balm has a very thick consistency and appears white when squeezed out of the tube. It smells very minty and is very moisturizing. Immediately after I applied this to my feet, I saw a huge difference in the texture of my feet. Not that I have gross un-manicured feet but I do suffer from very dry skin. I put it on right after I got out of the shower and then put my socks and shoes on and went about my day. At the end of the day, my feet where still soft and very moisturized.


The down side of this product is the availability. I can’t find it available anywhere in the US and a Canadian friend can’t find it there either. I have already bought another tube off of eBay and for the future, I suppose, will have to continue to do so.

Have any of you tried this?

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Alessandro International Pedix Feet Heel Rescue Balm — 5 Comments

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    • I actually found them on eBay but they have been few and fare between. I am thinking when the ones I have run out, I’ll have to go back to my old faithful one.

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