First Impression Friday: Maybelline Whispers

When I was at Walgreen’s the other day I couldn’t resist a peruse down the makeup isle. These new babies caught my eye immediately and I knew that I had to pick some up.










I was really excited to pick these up because I have been let down by the other recent releases of these kinds of lip shines.

This will be a very basic first impression post just letting you know what I think upon very first use.

I like the packaging, it’s nice and sleek and slides back together very easily. The consistency of the gloss is a very smooth almost balmy texture. When applied to my lips it wasn’t sticky which I like and seems to be very moisturizing. If you are searching for something with a higher color payoff that this probably won’t be the line for you. I would stick with a lipstick. There is no particular smell to these, I got an expert opinion on this as well from Mr. Makeupwishes (He smells everything) and he agrees no smell.

My overall first impression of this is good. I will be using over the next few weeks and let you know at the end of the month when I do a First Impressions Recap.

The original idea of these posts came from It’sBlondie on youtube. So thanks Casey for the idea. I love watching your video!


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